Just for today…..

Just for today, I’m going to keep my mind on my work and not allow the “swirling vortexes of drama” from others deter the good work I can produce. By keeping myself focused, moving forward, and acknowledging my progress I can navigate my beautiful day away from the swirling black masses of others chaos. Sometimes it’s very easy to allow myself to become a part of the dramatic suffering of others, this is never a positive activity. I end up as miserable, stressed and emotional as those caught within its walls.

Becoming miserable, stressed, or emotionally spun up is never a good thing. I prefer my quiet and serene life that is peaceful, not sullen or bitter. My LM (loving man) and I can share a room in quiet without tension or demands, it’s really quite nice.

My serene life has allowed me the space to make a couple of loaves of sourdough bread. Sourdough starter is something I believe everyone should have since there’ so many ways to use it and it keeps you aware of the food you consume. The origins and uses of sourdough will be continued on another page but, it’s there if you’re interested.


Hello world!

I am on an adventure within the framework of my own life. This is a new start for me and I’m truly excited to share my experiences. My nest is emptying, my work is now home based, the world seems new and inviting. There’s so many things to learn and share it’s a little breathtaking to contemplate the enormity!

So, to begin with, I’m a 47 y.o. woman in the Pacific Northwest. My fifth and final child is graduating from high school in thirty-nine days (but who counts such things). We have two dogs ( a black lab and a terrier mix) that share our home in the country. My L.M. (loving man) is a former tree trimmer and is currently recovering from a job injury. I am a freelance virtual assistant, writer, and lifelong student.

I began this blog to share the experiences that make life so very interesting every day. While I like to read daily, I’m often inspired to write about what I’ve learned and share my insight. At the same time, I’m learning some interesting things every day! There’s a lot to be said for experiencing life while living it.